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Building a Global Community

Building a Global Community is an organization devoted to assisting children, families, and their surrounding communities worldwide by providing for their spiritual, educational, and health care needs through holistic approaches. BGC was established in January of 2007 by us, Angela DeCraene and Jennifer Fleming, and was birthed out of seven years of humanitarian work around the globe. Our work thus far has mainly been in South Africa, Swaziland, and Lesotho working among some of the most impoverished and diseased areas in the world. The organization caters to those who have been severely burdened by poverty, sickness, and lack of education and opportunity.

Our aim is to assist in the advancement of individuals so that they may reach their full potential, thrive in their lives, and then change the lives of those around them. We focus on the whole person- their spiritual, educational, and healthcare needs. We are working to improve education, increase awareness about HIV- how it is spread, how it can be prevented, and how it is treated, and we are focused on implementing sustainable programs that will improve the welfare of individuals so severely impacted by the AIDS virus.

Our philosophy is that a country so rich in resources should have the opportunity to assist the underserved communities around the world in tangible ways. We do this by creating a bridge between our local communities and communities abroad in various ways.  

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