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We take groups of individuals to do the work that is so desperately needed in these impoverished areas. We take care of all the details including: flight reservations, transportation, food/lodging, travel insurance, and adequately prepare you with a wealth of information on the region and organizations in which we will be working. We are currently recruiting volunteers for our upcoming service trips. Click the VOLUNTEER tab for more information and to download the application.



Our organization is funded by donations that support our projects. Monetary donations are essential in order to make our projects possible. Schools, families, community groups, companies, and organizations have all gotten involved on some level and the impact has been tremendous! Every contribution truly makes a difference in the work we are doing and in the lives of the individuals that we are serving. You can request that your donation be allocated for a specific project or village and we will provide details of ongoing and upcoming projects along with updates! All donations are tax deductible.


Share Us

Please invite us to your next community meeting, event, or wine tasting party! We love to share about the work that we are doing and opportunities for our local community members to get involved.