What We Do

Our Strategy and Approach

  1. Develop Partnerships with High-Impact NGO's
    • Pinpoint organizations that we can build healthy, working relationships with.
    • Identify the needs that BGC is equipped to meet.
    • Come to an agreement on how we will work together while mutually respecting each other’s values, vision, and purpose.
  2. Fundraising and Increasing Awareness
    • Communicate our needs to current and potential donors.
    • Identify and recruit volunteers and donors to give of their time, service, money, and expertise.
    • Organize a volunteer team to participate in a service trip to implement and maintain projects.
  3. Invest Resources and Implement Projects
    • Volunteers are selected to bring an array of experience and knowledge in order to implement projects and train individuals as needed.
    • Mutually beneficial in that volunteers bring skills and knowledge and in turn gain enriching and transforming experiences.
    • BGC supplies finances for implementing and sustaining projects and programs- assisting with operating budget and expansion.
    • Buy materials and hire local laborers as needed to invest into a struggling economy.