Current Projects


Botshabelo/Boikarebelo a high-impact NGO situated in a very rural area of South Africa. Botshabelo is currently the source of sustenance for over 550 children and 1,000+ adults. Botshabelo was founded by Marion and Con Cloete in 1990 and the organization is dedicated to improving the lives of the economically challenged, especially children, who have been orphaned by or exposed to HIV/AIDS. Using the traditional African village (and it’s inherent ubuntu values of cooperation and joint responsibility) as a model, the community works together to break the cycle of poverty and bring hope, safety, education, and sustainable growth to all of it’s residents.

Our partnership with Botshabelo has been an incredible experience. We are assisting them with working toward becoming a more self-sustaining village, and more importantly, supporting their purpose which is to be a place of safety and family to South Africa’s AIDS orphans and economic orphans.

The community includes an orphanage, school, counseling center, village, medical clinical, and organic form. Our partnership with Botshabelo is extensive and we assist on many levels throughout the year. Projects vary but are always in line with the current needs of the NGO.

Project Categories Include:

  • Environmental (building repair and maintenance, solar power, utilities, etc.
  • Educational (school funding, teacher salaries, supplies, field trips, etc.)
  • Health and well-being (healthy food options, medical supplies, medicine, etc.)
  • Income generation (souvenir shack, knitting project, fishery, solar power, etc.)


Malealea Community Development

We have also formed a new partnership with Malealea located in LeSotho where more than 50% of women under the age of 40 have aids AND most people live on less than $1 a day. This NGO serves to promote and support community empowerment and community participation for the advancement of the quality of life of members of the community. This objective is achieved through engaging in education, health, environmental, economic, and infrastructural development projects. The Malealea Community Development works hand in hand with members of the community to improve opportunities and facilities that address the physical, social, and intellectual needs for the common good.

Current Project:

  • Sponsorship for orphaned and vulnerable children
  • Infrastructure Project: Primary School